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Astounding Masterpieces from Sutras collection by Diane von Furstenberg and H. Stern

The collaboration of the fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg with the master of jeweler’s art H. Stern gave us the fabulous in its sophistication “Sutras” jewelry collection. These are the jewels which protect their wearer and give him power according to the Eastern mysticism. Inspired by the rich jewellery tradition of the 18th century Moghul jewelers, the creators made bracelets, pendants, earrings and ring included into the collection full of special spiritual meaning.

Sutra Rings from Diane von Furstenberg by H. Stern

Each model crafted from 18K polished yellow gold, rock crystals and the diamond looks very tender and natural. The organic shapes and soft-curving crystals resemble the water drops, and this makes one want to dip into it. The technique that produces a mirror-like effect fixes the eyes. A strong sense of style and feminine spirit are the peculiars of Sutras collection. By the way all gems are inscribed with what von Furstenberg calls “good words” such as ‘love’, ‘honesty’ or ‘truth’ that will bring good luck for the wearer. Read More »

Concept Jewelry Inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” from H.Stern

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most enigmatic novels I have read. Tim Burton’s film “Alice in Wonderland” (released a year ago) also has been very successful. Almost all brands have decided to create special collections of jewelry pieces related with themes of the film. Mad tea party, a rabbit with a clock, a smile of the Cheshire cat, keyholes, Queen of Hearts is only a small portion of the well-known character from Alice in Wonderland.

Mushroom Forest, jewelry inspired by Alice in Wonderland from H.Stern

Famous jeweler H.Stern inspired by Tim Burton’s film created a stunning collection of rings. Unique jewelry masterpieces made of gold and diamonds. Design ideas of the rings are speak for themselves. Read More »