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Treasures Inspired by The Wood from Digby & Iona

Contemporary wood art becomes very popular and actual now. Sometimes the designers use precious metals to make them look like wood. The bright example is the Wood collection by Aaron Ruff from Digby & Iona. It includes stylish accessories just suitable for the modern world.

Stump Ring from The Wood collcetion by Digby and Iona

All jewelry pieces from The Wood collection are made of solid oxidized sterling silver or oxidized vermeil and are available with or without customized engraving. Ring and cuff can be set with diamond. By the way such ring or necklace can become a very romantic gift with the initials inside the heart which will remind your sweetheart about you. Digby & Iona tried to make the Wood jewelry similar to its natural namesake not only in color and texture but even in shape. Impressing! Read More »

Pendants for the Real Rock’n’Rolla by King Baby

Still have not selected a gift for Father’s Day? How do you think what kind of person was your father before? Maybe he is a fan of the Rock ‘n’ Roll culture and ideology? In this case stunning new items from the collection of pendants from King Baby Studio is just what you need for a gift!

Crowned Heart Vintage Coin Pendant

King Baby Studio was founded in 1970 by designer Mitchell Binder. When he was a teenager, he and his mother moved from Jackson to Los Angeles. In 15 years, Mitchell became an apprentice goldsmith, and afterwards began to independently develop ideas for pieces of jewelry. His masterpieces are very popular among Hollywood celebrities, rock stars and bikers. These stunning pendants are made of sterling silver. Read More »

Gift Ideas: Six Stylish Accessories from Cartier

We have just finished celebrating the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is almost here. In addition to these holidays there are plenty of others. And besides the holidays there are a lot of reasons to make a gift. If the gift is from the famous brand then it will make a good impression, especially if it’s a souvenir from Cartier.

Cartier Logotype Decor USB Memory Card

Each of these six charming accessories is palladium finish and decorated with Cartier logo. 4GB USB memory card will always help you to save and transfer valuable information and stylish desktop clock will help to keep up with the times. For other accessories you also can find good use. Read More »

Amazing Men’s Pendants from Jason Arasheben

Father’s Day is just around the corner. By the way Jason Arasheben offers a delightful collection of pendants for Men. Masterpieces from Jason of Beverly Hills jewelry house have always been popular among celebrities. For example, a few days ago Justin Bieber bought a luxurious pendant of Stewie Griffin, the cartoon character from The Family Guy.

Rose Gold White Diamond Double Bullet Pendant

Men’s pendants from Jason Arasheben are made of gold and diamonds of the highest quality. Perhaps for someone, this collection of jewelry pieces will seem too frivolous. But believe it is now just in fashion. And be careful, these pendants could hit your wallet. Read More »

Adorable Мother’s Day Jewelry by Tous

Most countries in the world celebrate Mother’s Day in May. This day is an excellent opportunity to impress your mother with a gift. Honestly, do we need a reason to make a gift to mom? Whole our life is a reason to make such gifts.

For Mom Mother´s Day 2011 adaptable pendant by TOUS, Sterling silver

Do you already have a gift idea? Tous produced an excellent collection of jewelry for Mother’s Day 2011. Gentle pendants, rings, bracelets and cuff are made of sterling silver or 18K yellow gold. Jewelry masterpieces engraved with various calling of the child to his mother and figures of boys and girls. Read More »

Memo Ring – Jewelry for Romantic Geeks

A delightful gift box hints at a romantic surprise inside. Maybe it is a ring? Yes it is a ring, but it’s not just a piece of jewelry. Actually Memo Ring is USB flash memory for Win/Mac – with LED and capacity 2GB. Memo Ring has many ways to use.

Memo Ring by Gung

I wonder whether there any crazy geeks that will make offer to the girl with this ring. In any case Memo Ring is a great stylish gift in a stunning package. Ring made with plastic and available in three colors: pink, yellow and glitter. I bet some of your memories are much more expensive than diamonds. Read More »

Precious Gifts for Baby by Tiffany&Co.

Jewelry pieces from Tiffany are dream of every woman and satisfaction ambitions of every men. Tiffany is forever, like diamonds. Tiffany&Co – one of the few companies that are not bypassed their attention the youngest buyers. Where else you can find silver spoons, photo frames, miniature tea sets, and even bubble blower for your child?

Precious Gifts for Baby by Tiffany

The gift collection for baby by Tiffany is startling in its cute design and elegant appearance. Spoons in sterling silver are symbols of knowledge and education. Gleaming sterling silver baby cups with original designs. All these, and many other ordinary things full of style and elegance curved lines by Tiffany&Co. Read More »

Men’s Gunmetal Jewelry Gift Ideas

Selection of gifts for a person with male nature can become a challenge. Maybe jewelry made of gunmetal will be sufficiently masculine? Gunmetal is a type of bronze originally used chiefly for making guns. Gunmetal is resistant to corrosion from steam and salt water. These pieces from gunmetal looks like no other contemporary jewelry.

Gunmetal Leather ID Bracelet with Free Valet Box

Gunmetal Leather ID Bracelet with Free Valet Box

Sophisticated jewelry like pieces of battle force will be an excellent trophy for men. Each of these masterpieces can be personalized by special note of love and appreciation that gets handed down through the generations. Nothing shows off his name, initials or monogram more than the polished gunmetal surface. Read More »

Tooth Fairy gift ideas for kids

The legend says that the tooth fairy gives a child a small amount of money (sometimes other gift) instead of the dropped out baby tooth of a child. The advantage of using tooth fairy is that the child receives some kind of compensation for pain or trouble. Furthermore the child gets used to care themselves it will come in handy later. Also it is considered that tooth fairy tradition helps children to understand the difference between reality and imagination.

Twyla Tooth Fairy

Twyla Tooth Fairy

Great crafty idea with a gift from the tooth fairy offers resource called Something 2 Brag About. Amazing bracelets handcrafted with special attention to detail. Made of sterling silver and different beads these lovely bracelets and necklaces will be a cute gift to celebrate losing of the baby teeth. Read More »

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas by Hearts On Fire

Jewelry always will be the most desired gift by women as diamonds alwayas will be the most desired friend. Harts on Fire jewelry has elegant classic design and perfect shine of diamonds. “The world’s most perfectly cut diamond” Hearts on Fire Diamonds are superb and extremely expensive.

My 1st Heart Pendant

My 1st Heart Pendant

Hearts on Fire was founded in 1996 by Glenn and Susan Rothman. The company name was not chosen by chance, there is a way of diamonds cut with same title, which is used by Hearts on Fire. For cutting and selling Hearts on Fire select only the best raw material, only 1% of all rough diamonds can pass this rigorous selection process. Each diamond released under The Hearts on Fire brand laser-inscribed with serial numbers. Read More »