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Contemporary Creations of watchmakers – Timepieces from Faberge

Western Easter already happens; eastern Easter is just around the corner. Most of blogs already discussed Easter eggs decorating ideas. But what is the most famous egg in jewelry? Of course it’s masterpiece from Fabergé. The inventors of extraordinary jewelry eggs, has chosen to develop a complete range of timepieces in association with master watchmakers.


A new era of Fabergé as a watchmaker brand starts with four collection: Ladies core collection, Ladies complication collection, High jewelry collection and Men’s high complication collection. First timepieces are made of precious materials with the skills of Agenhor, APRP, and Vaucher Manufacture. Expected date of delivery is set to September 2015. Read More »

Faberge: The Return of the Legend

The name of Faberge is inseparably connected with Russia and the Russian Imperial family. Find yourself in the creative and entrepreneurial world of this legendary jewelry house. Its collection of well-known eggs (both Imperial and otherwise) created by Peter Carl Faberge is certainly utterly timeless. We want to focus your attention on the range of elegant jewelry egg pendants.

Oeuf Matelassé Empereur Or Rose

Egg is a universal symbol of life, so this brand created these fine adornments to remind it. The pendants can be characterized as exquisite precious objects that still resonate today with the passions and poignancy of a lost world. They combine dynamism of a modern world with an old-fashion tradition, old materials with new. The style is really imposing and majestic. Outright adoration of luxurious Faberge chic is in fashion forever. Read More »