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Keep Your Eyes Wide Open with Jewelry by Eyelash

The young ladies think up a lot of cute accessories to make their beauty brighter. False eyelashes are not the novelty any longer. But what will you say when we will tell you about the wire eyelashes as the kind of the jewelry? Seattle-based designer Natalie Russo imagines and creates a wide line of unusual and even weird adornments which will certainly make everyone want to look in your eyes.

Viva Las Vegas Eyelash Jewelry
All the adornments from Eyelash Jewelry are handmade of Japanese Toho brand seed beads, 2mm Swarovski crystals, 34 gauge jewelry flexible wire consisting of either silver or copper. Bright, audacious eyelashes of various styles, sizes and colours can seem you a bit crazy but youth is the high time to make a little madness! Read More »