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Extraordinary Rings from the Artists Studio by Green Karat

It’s always nice to see interesting ideas of bridal jewelry. Many unusual solutions offered by Green Karat. This company is known for activity for the reduction of precious metals mining and calling on people to take to recycling all needless jewelry, pottery and other items made of precious metals.

Binary Wedding Band by Green Karat

Bridal ring with personal binary encoded message deserves special attention among a collection of wedding rings from this company. On the outside of the ring goes through five parallel tracks, each of which consists of 20 false or true symbols. Thus we have 20 columns, each of which consists of 5 bits. 5 bits can encode up to 32 characters. So if your alphabet is less than 32 symbols, you can make your loved one a message of up to 20 letters. There are many other interesting rings. Read More »