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Ten Handcrafted Jewelry Pieces with Elephants founded on Etsy

Elephants are a traditional symbol of royal power in India, China and Africa. In Chinese culture the elephant symbolizes strength, prudence, sagacity, energy, supreme power and overcoming death. In Buddhism, the elephant – the most revered sacred animal, a symbol of spiritual knowledge and stability. In the Greco-Roman culture, the elephant is an attribute of Mercury, the emblem of wisdom.

With such a strong semantic charge Elephants become a great symbol for jewelry. These rings, bracelets, pendants and even earring can be founded on Etsy. Artisan from all over the world offers their crafts adorned with Elephant theme. Let see the most popular and interesting of them. Read More »

Handcrafted Jewelry from Mexico City by Susana Fabre

Susana Fabre is a jewelry designer from Mexico. Massive faceted rings and melted bracelets made by her hands are not like ordinary jewelry. You can notice both natural and geometric forms in the outlines of these jewelry pieces. Ring vaguely resemble the style of jewelry by Kara Ross.

Jewelry pieces from Susana Fabre are made of silver or gold-plated, some of them are adorned with zirconias. All pieces are handcrafted individually with every ounce of patience, care and manual skill. Package design is also handmade and exclusive for these pieces. Read More »

One of a Kind Handcrafted Jewelry by Ruby Girl

Ruby Girl is the pretty, fun and eclectic collection of jewelry by the USA based designer and metalsmith Shannon Conrad. She presents beautiful and jolly items that fascinate or cause the smile on your face. They are inspired by the beauty of the surrounding world, by animals, plants, warm feelings or fantasies of the designer. Shannon tries to combine the city with the countryside, to mix industry and the organic world finding the balance between them.

Ruby Girl is the collection devoted to the protection of the environment. All jewels are made up of 100% recycled silver. Eco-friendly technologies and materials are used in the studio: citric acid pickle, bio-degradable flux and lead-free enamels etc. The jewels are romantic or serious, elegant or bold. The choice is rather big. Have a look. Read More »

Simple, Modern and Elegant Handmade Jewelry by Mrs. Pepper

Unusual jewelry that catches the attention and rivets the eyes. This is how the jewels crafted by the Portugal based Mrs. Pepper can be described. As Susana Duarte, the owner of the brand says she uses such materials as silver, stones, enamel and others creating simple and at the same time elegant items which look rather noble and contemporary. The mix of bright and lively colors gives joy and good mood.

Enamel sterling silver ring

Mrs. Pepper is known for exquisite craftsmanship and interesting ideas. This is really fresh, youthful and innovative collection perfectly suitable for modern young women who have their own strong sense of style and follow it with assurance. Read More »

Designer Cufflinks from Star Trek to Transformers

Cufflinks are integral part of the business fashion for many years. In recent years they have been actively used by designers as element of business women appearance. You can use this accessory not only in business image, but also playful or even a bright and youthful.

Copper Fashion Cufflinks - Star Trek Design

With the help of cufflinks, you can radically change the focus of your suit, especially if your cufflinks decorated with trendy symbols. Cufflinks with an image of Decepticon Megatron packaged in an elegant box can be a very interesting gift. May be your friends are fans of Apple then you can find an excellent cufflinks for them in this collection. Everyone will find at least one pair of interest. Read More »