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Aluna Necklace – Jewelry for Gamers by Donna Distefano

Donna Distefano known throughout the world for producing jewelry without harming the environment and delightful wedding rings. Donna Distefano Ltd announced that the new face of its 2011-2012 advertising campaign will be actress Paula Garces. Paula Garces is also a producer of the comic book the protagonist of which is Aluna.

Aluna Necklace by Donna Distefano

Feb. 25 Aluna debuted in the online computer game Heroes of Newerth (HoN) as new hero. She takes power from the moon and the magic stone located in the necklace. The necklace is designed by Donna Distefano and exists in limited quantities. The Aluna necklace handcrafted from sterling silver and plated with 24K gold. Stunning green stone resembles about Amazonian rainforests. Necklace released in limited quantities, and in order to get it you have to be a winner. Read More »

Wedding Rings by Donna Distefano

Donna Distefano is one of the leading designers of wedding rings. Her shining engagement rings repeatedly appeared in America’s leading bridal publications. Jewelry pieces by Donna Distefano differ from every other jewelry because they are crafted only with precious stones which were processed without harm to the environment.

Garland, 18k yellow gold

Garland, 18k yellow gold

Fair Trade certification assigned to products by Donna Distefano confirms that jewelry was made by hand in a New York workshop of the company using environmentally friendly cleaning technologies, processing and metal recycling. Breathtaking wedding rings from Donna Distefano will adorn your union forever. Wedding rings are made of white and yellow 18K gold some of them incrusted with diamonds. Read More »