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Treasures Inspired by The Wood from Digby & Iona

Contemporary wood art becomes very popular and actual now. Sometimes the designers use precious metals to make them look like wood. The bright example is the Wood collection by Aaron Ruff from Digby & Iona. It includes stylish accessories just suitable for the modern world.

Stump Ring from The Wood collcetion by Digby and Iona

All jewelry pieces from The Wood collection are made of solid oxidized sterling silver or oxidized vermeil and are available with or without customized engraving. Ring and cuff can be set with diamond. By the way such ring or necklace can become a very romantic gift with the initials inside the heart which will remind your sweetheart about you. Digby & Iona tried to make the Wood jewelry similar to its natural namesake not only in color and texture but even in shape. Impressing! Read More »

Banana – collection inspired by nature from McGowan & McClain

Feel a bit closer to the wild nature with Banana collection from McGowan and McClain. The name of the collection speaks for itself. It makes us think about exotic places. The two cousins, Marian and Laura Jones, both passionate about jewelry making and inspired by nature and its organic materials created these interesting adornments expressing the shapes, textures and details of banana leaves.

18K Vermeil Banana Peel Bracelet

The designers stick to the simple philosophy: “raw, elegant, natural jewelry”. Banana is the bright illustration combining these three features. All handmade pieces are either oxidized sterling silver, or sterling silver with a gold vermeil overlay. They look very noble and at the same time give fun. Make your autumn more fanciful with Banana-Za dangle-earrings, post earrings, bracelets, cuffs and rings. Read More »

Fresh and Modern Bracelets by Jolie B. Ray

Tanya Tochner and Marjorie Troob, the two happy mothers, found their vocation in jewelry design and creation. The name of their company came after the name of their four children. So their creativity is full of love and tender feelings. The collection of bracelets by Jolie B. Ray id devoted to a contemporary woman to give her the sense of liberty and at the same time to let her feel feminine and charming. The bracelets have been described as “jewelry that is fresh and modern”.

Midnight Cuff In Brass And Oxidized Silver With Diamonds

The collection is made of 18k gold, precious, and semi-precious stones. Bright and innovative design yet the high quality of the craftsmanship create that very intricate style that can be worn at every situation. The advantage of the collection is the brilliant colors of the stones, as well as the intricate lines in the gold. Choose your own style with the help of such elegant accessory. Read More »

Chic Jewelry from Simon G and Global Green

Global Green USA, a national leader in advocating for smart solutions to climate change, in collaboration with Simon G Jewelry has created a new line of contemporary and stylish jewels. Beads, which are obligatory detail of each item in this collection, are the fashion spice nowadays. It gives cool impression of the youth culture. The charismatic spirit of the designer encouraged him to produce incredible design using simple and sustainable materials.

Mens SS Silver Cuff and Ladies SS Silver Bangle

Chic and fanciful, these refined pieces of jewelry will add a zest and an unobtrusive elegance to the appearance of any young lady or man. And no doubt, that high quality will become one more advantage for this affordable and eco friendly collection. Read More »

Extraordinary Jewelry from Gala Curios

Interesting combination of contemporary sculptural textiles with surfaces of traditional Japanese origami and folds. Charming combination of leather and gilded hypoallergenic metal. Elements of the collections by Gala Curios project cause very mixed feelings. On the one hand, large and rough forms of gilded metal, but on the other hand, soft leather folds.

Frilled Nude Cuff by GALA Curios

GALA Curios is solo jewelry project by Sydney-based designer, Jasmine O’Loughlin. Label’s name speaks for itself. Gala is adjective means festive, celebratory and curio is a noun that mean rare or unusual object. Jasmine O’Loughlin is very versatile jeweler. She works equally well with leather and metal. Read More »

Exquisite handcrafted jewelry by David Neale

It’s always nice to look at jewelry pieces that were never seen before. I mean rings, earrings and other classic jewelry elements which not designed by standard templates. Jewelry pieces that contain own style of artisan. David Neale is one of such masters.

Eyes Cuff, Brass Cuff, David Neale Jewellery

David Neale Jewellery based in Melbourne, Australia. Jewelry masterpieces created by David handcrafted from sterling silver and gold. Rings, earrings, bracelets, they are all filled with unique elegance and simplicity. Jewelry pieces by David Neale exude some kind of a special spirit of freedom. You certainly will be happy with this purchase. Read More »

Hijau Dua – nature friendly jewelry by John Hardy

April 22 is Earth Day. This day carried a huge number of events around the world calling for people to pay more attention to the environment. Third week of April is “Earth Week” thanks to the Senator Nelson. Earth Day is a day when the Peace bell sounds encouraging people to think about saving our common home in peace.

HIJAU DUA 18K YELLOW GOLD Dome Kick Cuff with Dragonfly

Guy Bedarida and Angela Lindvall joint efforts have created an amazing collection of jewelry devoted to care for nature. Guy Bedarida is creative director of the John Hardy and Angela Lindvall is famous supermodel and environmentalist. The collection is called Hijau Dua. Jewelry pieces of Hijau Dua are handcrafted out of recycled silver and 18K gold. Another feature of this collection is bamboo seedlings. Part of jewelry price will be used to plant bamboo seedings on Nusa Penida. Read More »

The Gemstone 2 collection from Kara Ross

Kara Ross has presented second Gemstone collection. Adorable faceted rings in original architectural style do not look like anything else. Large but graceful bracelets will look perfect even on the most delicate wrists. Breathtaking earrings with strong and sophisticated silhouettes will be a charming addition to the clothes with same silhouettes.

Kara Ross Faceted Coral Pendant Necklace, Large

Faceted Coral Pendant Necklace, Large

Unique design ideas from Kara Ross always transcend trends and seasons. Masterpieces of the Gemstone 2 collection can be divided into three groups: turquoise, red coral and mother-of-pearl. All jewelry pieces are made with sterling silver and 18k gold some of them decorated with coral, sapphires, and mother of pearl. Read More »