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Adorable COCO Collection by Chanel

Chanel… The name of this great woman and the world famous brand is in the hearts of millions ladies everywhere. Passionate, bright, colourful and sensual – these are the most suitable words while describing COCO Collection including rings, bracelets and necklaces.

18K white gold, aquamarine, sapphires, pearls from South Sea, diamonds

These masterpieces simply breathe with delicate and subtle aesthetics of Venice. Gabriel Chanel used different sorts of gold and bold combinations of precious stones and brilliants to create jewels which will be the delight for an eye and a soul. The collection is finished in vanguard style. The air of bygone days is embodied in the fascinating rings so adorning the modern woman. Bright and sumptuous these jewelry items give the sense of luxury and grandeur. Gorgeous! Read More »