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New Handmade Jewelry by John S. Brana

Wonderful handcrafted jewels from the American designer John S. Brana prove that not only expensive items can be luxury. He searches for inspiration in nature with its endless harmony of shapes and colors. Unusual and one-of-a-kind with refined precious and semiprecious stones, vermeil beads, fresh-water pearls, Venetian glass, these adornments catch the eye and set the owner apart from the crowd.

John S. Brana use only high-quality materials such as sterling silver, fine silver, 14K gold-filled wire, 14K – 24K gold, copper, and silver and gold precious metal clay. Bright and sparkling, bold or tender, everyone will find something to his taste among John S. Brana collections. Read More »

Fabulous Cocktail Rings by Rachel Galley

Beautiful rings included in Cocktail Jewelry Collection by Rachel Galley will add freshness to any party. This collection is all about having fun with fine pieces of jewelry. Made of gold or platinum these bold rings are available in two sizes. They are very bright due to the bright colors of the gemstones. Choose any you like, either amethyst or topaz. May be you prefer noble citrine?

Fabulous Cocktail Rings by Rachel Galley

Marvelous and luxury rings will complete your style and express definite mood. Rachel Galley is famous for interactive and fun to wear designs with some shade of mystery. Cocktail jewelry items give the feeling of holiday and lightness making the wearer’s air unique and individual. Read More »

Truly Cocktail Rings by Piaget

Cocktail rings are also known as dinner ring or statement rings is massive rings set with precious or semiprecious stones. Most likely, the first such rings were worn on illegal dancing in the days of Prohibition in the United States. Cocktail rings were particularly popular in 40 and 50 years when a “mojito” and “Manhattan” is no longer incarcerated. Wear a ring with a large precious or semiprecious stones is still considered fashionably. Adorable cocktail rings can be found under the spotlight of the Limelight collection by Piaget. Blue Hawaiian, Paradise Sex on the Beach and Whisky on the Rocks – world-famous cocktails now made of gold and precious stones.

Blue Hawaiian, White gold, diamonds, precious stones

Blue Hawaiian, in 18K white gold and white chalcedony flower, set with one cushion-cut blue topaz, one brilliant-cut yellow sapphire and 121 brilliant-cut diamonds. Read More »

Magnificent Rings By Babette Wasserman

Fascinating collection of rings made up with really forward-thinking designs. Exquisite design of these rings can adorn appearance of every girl. Particularly it will be a hit with people looking for qualitative but affordable designer jewelry.

Glitter Chameleon Ring

Glitter Chameleon Ring

Glitter Chameleon Ring – is one of our best selling rings set with over 600 Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Read More »