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Limelight Garden Party – adorable spring collection by Piaget

In anticipation of spring jewelry house Piaget introduced a new collection called Limelight Garden Party. Best craftsmen of Piaget were inspired with the beauty of a blooming garden. Gorgeous masterpieces are made of 18K white gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and pearls. The collection is striking because of delicate combination of white and green colors.

PIAGET Limelight Garden Party white diamonds pink sapphires pink tourmalines white chalcedony and pearls

One of the highlights of the collection is an elegant cocktail ring in the form of a bird sitting on the edge of the pond. Another highlight of the collection is a luxurious necklace made with white diamonds, pink sapphires and tourmalines, white chalcedony and pearls it’s filled with the spirits of spring. Collection also contains graceful watches. Read More »