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Earrings made of silver and cement by Metsa

Earrings are one of the most popular jewelry among the emperors of Egypt. The astonishing fact is that earrings were originally invented for men in ancient Asia about 7000 years ago. Today there are a huge number of different types of earrings. Pearl studs are one of the classic models of past centuries. The Canadian company Metsa offered an extraordinary idea.

Cement Pearls by Metsa

Cement Pearls – earrings made of sterling silver and cement. The use of cement made it possible to change earrings in time, because it is influenced by weather conditions. Cement Pearls as well as Concrete rings opens the door to new ideas and materials in the world of beauty and jewelry. Read More »

Concrete rings in urban style

It’s really amazing. Cement can be used in jewelry! 22designstudio inspired by urban life and city architecture has created interesting collection of rings. They used high-density cement and stainless steel as the main materials for these rings.

Humanity concrete ring by 22designstudio


22designstudio was founded by Sean Yu and Yiting Cheng, who graduated from the Industrial Design Department of National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. They named the studio 22 to keep the passion and ideals since they were 22. Each of the rings is full of symbolism, for example “Corner” ring with unexpected angle reminds the owner that at every turn he can found a pleasant surprise. According to the designers this ring generates a desire to know what lurks out there – beyond the pass. Read More »