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Jewelry made by Hand with Love and Care by Me Me Me

Jewelcrafting exists since time immemorial. At the moment we can find very different kinds of jewelry. All of them represent a combination of style, precious materials and skill of artisan. Precious materials are not the main factor in today jewelry. Some jewelers offer a great items made of porcelain.

Bird porcelain necklace with star or heart on silver chain

Me Me Me create necklaces, earrings, brooches and interior products out of porcelain and sterling silver. Their works are cute and beautiful. These jewelry are perfectly combined with tranquil appearance. Read More »

Refined Jewelry from Claude Schmitz

Pay attention to the jewelry collection by Claude Schmitz, Luxembourg based designer. As he says his work consists of tradition, values, possession, status and a matter of scale and weight. His creations are just the matter of interpretation. Everyone understands them in his own individual way close to his inner world.

Blue bloom brooch by Claude Schmitz

The collection consisting of brooches, rings, earrings, cufflinks etc. is a kind of jewel that can characterized as “the ordered chaos” in my view. Some of the items are so complex in their structure that they simply can’t leave anyone indifferent. Bold and fanciful lines closely interwoven with each other brightly single out these adornments. Each of them has interesting and even poetic name by the way. Read More »

Frightening but Fascinating – Skeleton Jewelry by Delfina Delettrez

Delfina Delettrez has supernatural unique style. Some of jewelry pieces demonstrate her love for anatomy. Perhaps that style can scare some of fashionistas. But take look at these masterpieces before you decide. Each of them is a work of art.

King of Pop, Marble Brooch by Delfina Delettrez

How unusual author uses anatomically correct hands made of precious metals. Bracelet made of silver and set with diamonds is worn on the wrist but also attached to the fingers with special rings. In the One of a kind belt made of sterling silver and leather hands are used as buckle. To create these jewelry masterpieces Delfina Delettrez use sterling silver, gold, diamonds, enamel and even marble. Read More »

Dangerous Beauty of Animalier Collection by Vandelia

The desire to become closer to flora and fauna is a popular tendency among the people of art nowadays. Animalier is a jewelry collection by Vandelia expressing love for nature. All pieces by this master Italian brand possess the best quality and a special charm. Bright ideas and suggestions are incarnated due to the unique procedure of creating which includes several steps.

Animalier Bee B White and Yellow Gold Enamel Brooch with Diamonds

All these jewels are hot-enamelled and carefully handcrafted. The goldsmiths use micro threaded pins and micro nuts made of 18-carat gold. The collection consists of broaches and pendants, and you can choose either a funny owl, or little ladybug, or bright birds and nice butterfly. The jewel items are full of light and color presenting the joy of summer. No doubt it is a fresh accessory for the young generation. Read More »