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Stylish Afrocentric Adornments from Peace Images Jewelry

This line of jewelry called Peace Images Jewelry certainly possesses a special strong sense of style as well as it expresses definite direction in the lifestyle of a woman. Different tokens presented in the collection have a strong energy being the extraordinary and stylish adornments.

Peace Images Jewelry brand made a king of deeply symbolic line of accessories that catches attention. All jewelry pieces are beautiful and at the same time mysterious, attrahent and luring. The designer, passionate about the jewelry making, filled the creations with love and inspiration. The accessories are made of brass, and different bright stones are used in addition to finish the idea. Very trendy! Have a look. Read More »

New Trends in Jewelry and Hair Accessories from Marc Jacobs

Have a look at the cute and funny collection of jewelry and hair accessories by Marc Jacobs. All items including rings, jungles, pendants etc. are full of mischief and joy. The materials which the designer uses are rather various, among them are resin, enamel, crystals, leather, brass and many others.

Miss Marc is back for FA11 in this collectible charm pony tail holder

The gems are perfectly suitable for teenagers and young people being bright, amazing and even a bit bold.Some of them remind about your sweetheart, while other are devoted to the friendship. Or maybe these bracelets and earrings will be full of childhood memories for you? However this is the fantastic collection of imaginative youthful design. All the pieces are carefully handmade. Read More »

Trendy Symbols – Jewelry Pieces by Monserat De Lucca

The concept of Monserat De Lucca fashion house is the accessories for modern women all over the world which are “well put together, independent, and fabulous women world-wide”. Its collection of rings crafted from 100% brass is rather audacious and bold. Inspired by a wide range of different things, traditions and phenomena they certainly draw attention bringing joy and good mood.

Brass USB 2pc Ring Set

Just like the women the rings are devoted to they are delicate and edgy, hard and soft. Romantic and feminine ladies will be fascinated by the flower rings or by those inspired by the house comfort. For the strong and independent women the stylish lighter, boxing or space rings are. No matter what rings will suit you more all of them undoubtedly can become the perfect accessories. Read More »

Stylish Brass Rings by Michael Kors

Michael Kors Company is one of the leading American companies in producing luxurious sportwear and accessories. The designers try to express their vision of a jet-set using the highest standards of creativity, quality, technology and human resources. The collection of rings which are crafted from different sorts of brass looks very sophisticated and elegant presenting the style of Michael Kors.

Michael Kors Buckle Ring, Rose Golden

Some models are finished with crystals; some of them are like buckles or chains. The fantasy of the goldsmiths is really fanciful. These stylish items can become a perfect accessory for those who live in motion and is involved into the active lifestyle. Read More »

I Can’t Seem To Get Rid Of The Horses by Birgit Marie Schmidt

When the childhood goes away it leaves happy and warm memories to us. Many people take their interests and hobbies in the adult life. So does Birgit Marie Schmidt, a talented designer who being a child was passionate about the horses and their noble beauty. As a designer she tried to express her childhood fantasies of wild horse adventures into wearable jewelry pieces. In her unusual and cute adornments the silhouettes of the gorgeous animals are linked together in the bold lines.

I Can't Seem to Get Rid of the Horses collection by Brigit Marie Schmidt

The designer uses the art of handcrafting with the contemporary digital technologies to create breathless and very creative rings, necklaces and other pieces of jewels. As far as can be judged, she tries to show that a person can be closer to the fanciful inner world of his dreams and thoughts. All fashion items are made of gold and brass, and by the way they are hypo-allergenic, suitable for all skin types. Read More »

Trendy Jewelry with Skulls by Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton wedding dress was made by Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton. Brand keeps on pleasing us by a delightful collection of clothing and accessories despite the loss of a genius designer and leader of the company Alexander McQueen. Charming jewelry pieces made of silver, brass and Swarovski crystals. Some of them are covered with anti-allergic gold or silver finish.

shiny gold twin skull ring by Alexander McQueen

In the entire line of jewelry you can see symbols of skulls. You should not be afraid of them. Skull theme appeared on the podium a few years ago. This eternal symbol of death was more than once used by the English rebel Vivienne Westwood, the American brand Ed Hardy and Andrew Mackenzie. Skull attracts views and adds fatal charm to your appearance. Read More »