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Black Titanium Wedding Bands by Edward Mirell

The tradition of wearing wedding rings is an element of family life in a huge number of countries. Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Jews – all of them putting on the ring-finger of their partner symbol of marriage. My parents have wedding rings made of gold, but nowadays such an approach to the choice of the symbol of family life is not a surprise. Titanium wedding rings are forever. Inert properties of the metal and its amazing hardness have caused its use in the manufacture of prosthetic devices and weapons – these properties will ensure long life engagement rings made of titanium. Wedding rings made of titanium does not fade and will not rust.

Beveled Edge Titanium Diamond Wedding Band by Edward Mirell

Beveled Edge Titanium Diamond Wedding Band

Black titanium rings by Edward Mirell are elements of strength and masculine. These rings are all made from black titanium, some of them with diamonds. Read More »