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Swan Lake: Jewelry Inspired by the Harmony and Grace of the Prima Ballerina

The name for this collection is not casual. The Swan Lake is inspired by the ballet and the grace and elegance of the prima ballerina. The jewelry included into the collection give the sense of harmony and tenderness. It seems that each gemstone lives its own life sparkling and twinkling in the necklace.

18K white gold bracelet with twenty white pear-shaped, marquise, oval, round brilliant, baguette and rose-cut diamonds

The jewelry was created by De Beers, the company which is inspired by the timelessness of nature. The sophisticated treasure perfectly completes the image of refined ballerina. No doubt it will impress everyone. The collection is airy and light. The pieces of jewelry focus on beauty and style. The lines of diamonds in this collection are selected for their fire, life and brilliance. The subtle zest will make any woman a queen. Read More »