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The Story of a Jeweler: Anna Nemesi

Anna Nemesi is a 25-year-old goldsmith/jewellery designer who lives in Budapest, Hungary. Her love for metals dates from early childhood when she spent hours in his goldsmith father’s workshop. Her family wanted her to choose another career for fear that she could not earn a living as an artist, but when she was not admitted to public university to learn psychology due to the very strict admission limits , she decided to try her hand at jewellery-making, completed two-year goldsmith training and two courses and set out to design and craft her own jewels.

She is in love with metal.She works mostly with silver, but has on occasion used gold, white gold, and stainless steel. All her pieces are hand-made. She designs and creates her own collections but also works on comission. Besides jewelry, she also likes to experiment, making various objects made of metal, such as wall-clocks, trophys, etc. Read More »