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Adorable Fashion Jewelry from Spring Summer Collection by Alexis Mabille

Fashion is the thing which is very changeable and which needs to be followed. This concerns adornments too. Different designers have different images of a modern woman. Some see her cute and romantic, others imagine a woman appreciating the freedom and full of contradictions. The last is just the concept of Spring/summer 2011 collection by Alexis Mabille. Black and white color palette dominates in his accessories. They give the impression of something dramatic and radical.

Rings, Earrings, Bracelets by Alexis Mabille spring summer 2011

Audacious and fanciful, the jewelry pieces by Alexis Mabille are suitable for those women who are confident and independent, who like to be in the centre of attention and are not afraid of provocations. Some necklaces are finished in howlite and chains; in others the designer used the cascades of beautiful crystals and pearls. Read More »