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Fashion Jewelry for Fall and Winter 2011 by Givenchy

The autumn has not yet come but we are already interested in the fashion tendencies in the world of jewelry and accessory. The house of Givenchy presented its new collections of accessories devoted to the next fall and winter. The style of this fashion giant is felt in each item. Rather chic and classical at the same time these accessories will certainly advantageously single out the real lady.

Black lacquered metal single-head belt with chain by Givenchy

Due to the efforts of the main Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci the image created is elegant, confident and sophisticated. Ready to Wear and Pre Collection consist of charming and magnificent adornments which are of the finest materials. Givenchy house is always on the peak of fashion following its own style and traditions. Read More »

Beautiful Spring summer 2011 collection by Fendi

Fendi, an Italian successful brand, is famous for the high quality of its production. This company is also known for setting new rules governing elegance and practicality. The collection of accessories is carefully crafted and presents soft and light line of items. Pendants, earrings and necklaces are made of combinations of precious metals while some bracelets are finished with leather. In several models beads are interestingly used.

Scrabble bracelet, Spring Summer 2011 by Fendi

Each of the adornments expresses its own mood and spirit, it may be playful and bold, tender and soft, or you may feel the sense of the total freedom. Unique touch of the designers is taken throughout all the collection. All jewelry pieces look extremely elegant which is the main concept of Fendi. Read More »

Adorable Fashion Jewelry from Spring Summer Collection by Alexis Mabille

Fashion is the thing which is very changeable and which needs to be followed. This concerns adornments too. Different designers have different images of a modern woman. Some see her cute and romantic, others imagine a woman appreciating the freedom and full of contradictions. The last is just the concept of Spring/summer 2011 collection by Alexis Mabille. Black and white color palette dominates in his accessories. They give the impression of something dramatic and radical.

Rings, Earrings, Bracelets by Alexis Mabille spring summer 2011

Audacious and fanciful, the jewelry pieces by Alexis Mabille are suitable for those women who are confident and independent, who like to be in the centre of attention and are not afraid of provocations. Some necklaces are finished in howlite and chains; in others the designer used the cascades of beautiful crystals and pearls. Read More »

Adorable Мother’s Day Jewelry by Tous

Most countries in the world celebrate Mother’s Day in May. This day is an excellent opportunity to impress your mother with a gift. Honestly, do we need a reason to make a gift to mom? Whole our life is a reason to make such gifts.

For Mom Mother´s Day 2011 adaptable pendant by TOUS, Sterling silver

Do you already have a gift idea? Tous produced an excellent collection of jewelry for Mother’s Day 2011. Gentle pendants, rings, bracelets and cuff are made of sterling silver or 18K yellow gold. Jewelry masterpieces engraved with various calling of the child to his mother and figures of boys and girls. Read More »

Bright and Striped Jewelry for spring and summer 2011 by Lacoste

Sports clothing and the legendary polo shirts by Lacoste are well known among fashion lovers all around the world. This year, the famous French brand Lacoste debuted with a collections of jewelry. At this moment there are five collections of fashion jewelry for women: Bloc Color, Everyday Essentiels, New Wave, Plein Ete and Women Club.

Bright and Striped Jewelry for spring and summer 2011 by Lacoste

Colorful jewelry pieces by Lacoste highlighted with youth style, as in the case with collections of clothing. The main materials used for creating these collections are wood, steel and resin. Designers from Lacoste in collaboration with GL Bijoux Group were able to transfer their famous style to jewelry collections. I suppose that jewelry collection for men is around the corner. Read More »

Unbelievable Jewelry from Spring Summer 2011 collection by Pamela Love

Pamela Love – jewelry designer from Brooklyn, the author of the famous bracelet made in the form of a bird’s feet. Pamela Love jewelry pieces are also well known around the world because of the film “Where the Wild Things Are”. To some people these masterpieces may seem too aggressive. Conversely, some will find in their rudeness something sentimental. Pamela Love can do amazingly beautiful combination of various materials in her jewelry.

Shelley Cuff, Brushed Silver over Bronze, Bronze Platina, 14K Gold over Bronze by Pamela Love

Very impressive collection of jewelry presented for spring summer 2011. Some elements of this collection can seem to be quite uncomfortable to wear. But this is part of a particular style. You just should try on. Maybe it’s just what you looking for. Read More »

New Collection of Wedding Bands by Polello

Italian jewelry brand Polello, long time is the undisputed leader in the wedding rings production, presented its new luxury collection called Eternity 2011. Crafting this collection of wedding rings, Italian designers have used gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious materials as a result – wedding rings have complex design but look adorable.

Eternity 2011 Wedding Bands by Polello

Fans of exclusive style and superior quality will appreciate the new collection of wedding rings. The collection is oriented to young and energetic people who are go with the times. Rings from gold and platinum encrusted with diamonds and supplemented by details of palladium. This makes it possible to get extraordinary color scheme. Adorable wedding bands by Polello have very sophisticated design that allows them perfectly highlight the strength of your union. Read More »

Timepieces inspired by Feng Shui from Voila

In honor of its ninth anniversary watchmaker’s house Voila released stunning timepieces collection, which received the name Collection # 9. The creators of this collection were inspired by Chinese Feng Shui. Therefore watches from this collection should be charged with positive energy.

black timepiece Collection # 9 by Voila

Each model from the Collection # 9 by Voila made in the form “Eight” with two perfectly balanced watch faces. The upper dial is designed to display the local time, while the bottom can show any other time zone you like. The watch case and bezel are made with surgical grade stainless steel and set with sapphires totaling 0.50 carats or 1.12 carats. Collection # 9 will be presented this month at Baselworld 2011. Read More »