Symbolic Jewelry from Max Steiner

Max Steiner is a very talented person which is known not only as a jewelry designer but also as sculptor, architectural modelmaker, 3d modeler and web developer. A wide circle of hobbies and interests gives him inspiration to create his masterpieces, sometimes pretty and elegant, and sometimes funny or charming. During his childhood Max was introduced to many different artistic methods and materials that’s why his collections are not similar with each other.

Thick Icon Brick Necklace

I guess everyone will find something to his taste from rings to decorative masks. For example his love to the art of origami encouraged the designer to create a beautiful and impressive collection of adornments in sterling silver and gold. A miracle of birth was symbolized in the Eli Collection in which pendants and earrings contain a tiny stones put into the hollow glass spaces. Inspired by his surroundings Max even created the collection devoted to NY subway. Have a look.

Icon Brick Earrings
Icon Brick Cufflinks
Origami Crane Necklace
Origami Crane Earrings
Mens 24 Origami Crane Cuff Bracelet
Origami Lily Cufflinks
Shaker Ring
Blue Eli Necklace
Round Sparks Zero Cufflinks
Brooklyn Gems Ring
Men's Cinder Block Necklace
NYC Subway Car Necklace - Bling Version
Bunny Mask

VIA: Max Steiner Design.

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