Stylish Handcrafted Jewelry from Boone Titanium Rings

Discover the world of the Boone rings, the adornments crafted from the unusual metal – titanium. The US based designer Bruce Boone and his talented team are the real masters of this art creating elegant and light rings of such different styles. You can choose any design you like, any inlay from the various line.

Titanium WORKING Handcuff ring

There are lots of advantages in this very metal. It is much harder than gold, silver, or platinum. It is not so expensive as platinum and much lighter and practice than many other metals. The designers create asymmetric stylish jewels or refined strict models, so each judge will be satisfied. It should be noticed, their rings are often imitated and they are never duplicated.

Bike Drivetrain Titanium Ring

Celtic Straight Knots Titanium Ring

Medic Alert Titanium Ring

Meteorite with Twin Color Stripes Titanium Ring

Morse Code Titanium Ring

Stencil - Custom Laser Cut Titanium Ring

The Man Ring - Titanium Utility Ring

Truss Titanium Ring

Words To Live By Titanium Ring

VIA: Boonerings.

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