Spiced Jewelry Made of Sterling Silver from Sara Hood

Yellow mustard seed, cardamom, dill seed, peppercorn, saffron and nutmeg – all these spices are key ingredients for Spice series. This idea belongs to Sarah Hood. She loves jewelry, precious metals and gems, but at the same time loves the unusual combination of these materials with natural components. Sarah Hood invents her works without using paper and sketches. Her main tool is imagination.

sterling silver, glass bottles, whole spices (dill seed, fennel seed, saffron, yellow mustard seed, cardamom

Sarah Hood has an engineering degree and a Ph.D. in the humanities. Also she enjoys studying Buddhism and Tibetan language in addition to jewelry. All these jewelry can be found on her website.

sterling silver, whole nutmeg, nylon cord
sterling silver, yellow mustard seed, cardamom, dill seed, peppercorn, saffron, nylon cord
sterling silver, handblown glass bottles, whole spices
whole cardamom pods, silk cord, sterling silver
sterling silver, nylon cord

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