Sophisticated Things Filled With Classic Style and Quality by Harry Fane

A good craftsman does not need super expensive materials to create masterpiece. The main thing is the quality of production but not the material. We are surrounded by a huge number of daily use things. Harry Fane has founded private London gallery Obsidian in 1978. Jewelry & Watches presented in this gallery are actually work of art. Combination of vintage and modern style embodied in these masterpieces is beyond praise.

Sterling silver Vodka Shot Set of two by Harry Fane

Household items from Harry Fane deserve special attention. Bowls made of lava stone and silver combined with mother of pearl or coral can be refined and expensive gift. Also you can find here top quality caskets made of wood and silver. Please have a look.

Mother of Pearl Lava Bowl, Lava stone, mother of pearl, Sterling silver rim by Harry Fane
Coral Lava Bowl, Lava stone, red and white coral, Sterling silver rim by Harry Fane
Shagreen Playing Card Box by Harry Fane
Silver Box, Sterling silver, burlwood, Harry Fane
Wooden Vide Poche, Sterling silver, Macassar ebony by Harry Fane
I'm Nuts About You Cufflinks, 18k yellow gold, Harry Fane
Touch Wood Bracelet, 18k yellow gold, Harry Fane
Touch Wood cufflinks, 18k yellow gold, Harry Fane

VIA: CoutureLab

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