Sophisticated Jewelry Pieces Made of Sterling Silver and Cotton Oil by Lesley Strickland

The materials used by the designers are so various nowadays as well as their ideas don’t know any limits. Lesley Strickland, the British skilful jeweler, creates her zests from cellulose acetate which is a derivative of cotton oil, combined with sterling silver. The result is the fanciful and not typical accessories, quite casual and with light mood.

The intricacy and uniqueness of the shapes, lines and forms come inspired from weathered, natural forms and the sculptors of the 1950’s. Lesley uses, modifies and develops the existing special methods of forming, polishing and matting the acetate. The jewels are rather simple and at the same time they are elegant. This entirely follows the main principles of the designer: sophisticated simplicity and the ability to understand and share the feelings of the wearer.

VIA: Lesley Strickland.

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