Sophisticated Jewelry from Eastern Star Collection

Amanda Brighton, a London based jewelry designer, stands out among others for her great fantasy. In her early years she was in India and Thailand that certainly influenced her inner world. She is undoubtedly passionate for unusual exotic ideas. Bright, cute and fanciful… This is how the jewels from the collection with the poetic name Eastern Star can be described.

Eastern Star Earrings set with black opals and pale pink sapphires in 18k gold

Amanda Brighton tries to combine Western modern lifestyle with the traditions and exoticism of the East. I guess Eastern star is considered a good example to illustrate this. All items have the flower concept bringing the cheerful and fine mood. Inspiring design collects gentle elegance with the sense of color. Such playful jewelry will be a perfect and stylish accessory to a young and romantic lady.

Eastern Star earrings set with tanzanite and labradorite 18k gold
Eastern Star Earrings set with tanzanite, aquamarine and rose quartz cabochons in 18k gold
Eastern Star necklace set with aquamarine, tanzanite and labradorite 18k gold
Eastern Star Ring set with opal, pink tourmaline and diamonds 18k white gold plated with ruthenium
Eastern Star Ring set with sphene, pink sapphires and rose quartz 18k gold

For more detail and prices please visit Amanda Brighton site.

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