Smith Jewellery by Anna Raimondo

Born and raised in Cape town, South Africa, Anna Raimondo studied Jewellery Design & Manufacturing at Stellenbosch University. After completing her Honours degree she was offered a scholorship to do a Masters in Design at the Richemont’s school, Creative Academy, in Milan. This lead to the opportunity to intern at the International fashion brand Chloe’s leather department. Anna then spent the next years travelling and working in the UK and Australia.

In 2010 Anna went back to Cape Town to launch her jewellery brand, SMITH Jewellery. Her aim was to create unique, beautiful and bold jewellery for woman. Everything is designed and then hand made by herself, thus ensuring that no two pieces look the same – and offering the customer a once of piece of jewellery.

Starting with very organic design’s that were inspired by nature and seed pods, she quickly moved onto more intricate and bolder designs. Getting inspiration from the tiles and wallpaper that she saw on her travels overseas.

In 2011, Anna launched her SMITH Man collection. Offering men a quirky alternative to accessorising. Inspired by the Victorian Gentleman, she produced fob wathces, tie pins and cufflinks.

2012 Saw the launch of SMITH Exclusives. This collection was created to allow Anna to play with idea’s that were never meant to go into mass production. Creating time consuming one off pieces, this collection uses more extravagent designs, materials and finishes.

Anna’s latest collection is all about angles and shapes. Geo-Metrics is an exploration on how sharp angles can compliment the rounded shapes of the body.

VIA: Smith Jewellery.

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