Silicea Jewelry: Handmade Sterling Silver Masterpieces

I was always crafty with hands, so I went to an arts and design college to find out what I really enjoy doing. As soon as I stepped into the Metals and Jewelry department, I knew I was going to become a jewelry designer. There was so much energy between each jeweler and his/her metal, it instantly drew me into it. Once I started learning the jewelry techniques, and different artists, I realized that what I most like about jewelry design is that it has such a subtle, yet powerful presence. I learned that even one simple piece can change a person’s attitude and aura, and that it is such a personal way of expressing oneself.

I enjoy working with silver. Something about it’s fragility yet sturdiness drew me into it. I also like the fact that the more you wear it, the less it oxidizes. It’s as if each individual pieces are asking for the wearer’s attention.

My “For Him For Her” rings got published in the “500 Wedding Rings” 2008, The Lark Books, and my series of work got showcased at the “Atlanta Jewelry Show 2006” Southern Jewelry Traveler’s Association, as well as many other SCAD exhibitions such as “SCAD Style Week” L’Etoil Galeria in SCAD-Atlanta.

From art silver pieces, I diverted to simple and minimal pieces. Good for everyday wear, as well as artsy bridal jewelry.

My other line dogtag collection is quite the opposite of the minimal collections. It’s targeted towards adults who are not afraid to express their inner child sides.

I hope to create more jewelry pieces that helps the wearers subtly express who they really are.

VIA: Silicea Jewelry.

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