Sharp and Dangerous Jewelry from Quintin Nel

Man has learned to handle the metal much earlier than jewelry art has arisen. Due to the ability to process metals man received not only weapons but also instrument. Imagine how much effort would be worth it to cut meat or to saw wood if there were no sharp blades. Damascus steel is one of the oldest and best to date.

Nesmuk Diamond-Studded Knife

Designer Quintin Nel offers sophisticated knives made of Damascus steel and crafted with precious materials. Quintin is well known for his courageous unique jewelry decisions. Several years ago, in collaboration with Hoffmann / Pieper, he released a collection of hand-crafted knives – Nemusk. But besides the world’s most expensive knives in Quintin’s works there are many interesting masterpieces.

Temptation Knife
Galeta, sterling-silver handle
The Jellyfish
The Watz, gold inlayed eyes
Heaven and Hell - Friction Folder, mother pearl
Velolurch, Inlayed eyes gold and citrine
The pirate - friction folder, Lizard carved horn
Unicorn Whale - Slip-Joined Folder, handle mamoth ivory with scrimshaw
Monsterclaw - Mammoth gead with amber eyes
Whaler, one piece Damascus with Mammoth handle
A Baroque Couple - boxwood and silver
Angel - Liner Lock Folder, boxwood, 750 gold flower and bracelet
The Lion - Friction Folder, carved stag
Swa Swallow, one piece Damascus, handle mammoth, onyx eyes with 750 gold

For more detail and prices please visit Quintin Nel site.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Stone age bone, wood, stone, and shell jewelry far predates the human ability to work with metal.

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