Serra Arabacıoğlu and Merve Özaslan from Choke Jungle

We are Serra Arabacıoğlu and Merve Özaslan creators of the Turkish brand Choke Jungle founded in 2010. Our brand based in Istanbul, Turkey. Making something unique and peculiar is always crucial in design world, as a designer our goal is always combine artistic materials with daily basis accessory forms.

In ceramic, you never know where the final destination is going to be or is it ever coming out safe from the kiln. We love the unsureness of it, its always amaze you in a different way.

In our collections, we mix neon and pastel colors but always behold to make our designs pure and minimal.

In Turkey, you can found our collections at İstanbul Modern Museum, Bir Nokta Gallery and other design stores.

VIA: Choke Jungle on Tumblr and Choke Jungle on Facebook.

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