Serious Timepieces from Project Z by Harry Winston

Watches are simply necessary in the modern busy world, and nowadays this accessory becomes the stylish item and the subject of lots of ideas by the designers and goldsmiths. Pay attention to the collection of timepieces by Harry Winston, the famous jewelry and watchmaker. His project Z in the Ocean Collection is the example of the incredible design and high quality.

Project Z6 silver dial

The models are made of zalium, anthracite, ruthenium and silver. The watches are suitable for different situations; there is even the sports one. They perform different functions. Austere style makes them look very elegant. All timepieces are in the limited edition.

Project Z6 Black Edition
Project Z6 anthracite dial
Project Z5 silvered white dial
Project Z5 anthracite dial
Project Z4 silvered white dial
Project Z3 Vintage and Sport
Project Z2
Project Z1
Lady Z silvered white dial
Lady Z ruthenium dial

For more detail and prices please visit Harry Winston site.

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