Secrets of DIY Mastery – Woven Chain Bracelet

Nowadays the tendency to wear handmade jewelry and accessories becomes very popular. Many people enjoy to make jewelry themselves not only for them but also for their friends. And now when the autumn has come it will perfect to create for example the bright woven bracelet of friendship to fill your image with the fresh feelings and emotions.

Honestly…WTF will help you. All you need is a curb link bracelet, embroidery thread, two bobby pins, and a pair of scissors. Following the simple instructions given by the designers you will create your own little cute masterpiece. This will certainly save and give many sweet warm memories.

DIY woven chain bracelet

VIA: HonestlyWTF.

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  1. krisitna says:

    where did u buy the bracelet? i have been looking for them but can’t see to find any..

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