Scrabble Jewelry from Home Studio

If you are thinking about simple and unpretentious gift to any holiday these cute little handmade jewels by Home Studio can become the good solution. Joyful and marry ideas of these pendants will certainly cause your smile. Choose any motive you prefer, it maybe birds, animals, accessorizes, phrases and even different national symbols.

PAPILLON on a pendant

All the models are eco friendly and are crafted with great care to every detail. So funny and stylish this collection is perfectly suitable for the youth who want to be distinguished among the crowd.

SAND DOLLAR - pendant charm

Stefani and Mark are a two person team. The couple works side by side hand making each and every Scrabble pendant in a multi-step process. Scrabble game pieces are acquired from various secondhand sources.

Grateful for Teachers - Glass Dome Necklace

Stef and Mark both come from retail backgrounds (fashion and interiors). Stefani has taught jewelry design. Mark has a degree in Industrial Design and also paints.

SUNNY pendant made from a Scrabble Game Tile piece

VIA: Home Studio.

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