Royal Wedding Ring and Some Others from Wartski

Thanks to Royal Wedding Wartski (family-owned firm of art and antique dealers) received a sharp rise of popularity. It was so intense that their site has not coped with the traffic. It’s a pity that on the Internet are almost no quality pictures of the Royal Wedding Ring.

Kate Middleton wedding ring from Warski

But it is reliably known that Wartski used a nugget of Welsh gold that was given to Prince William by the Queen as an engagement present. Royal Ring turned out one-of-a-kind. But the antique dealers from Wartski can offer a lot of interesting rings. Ancient rings with messages are of particular interest. These rings were popular in the late Middle Ages. Their main purpose was to share love messages. It was believed that location messages on the rear side of the ring endowed it with a special power.

The Love of thee is life to me - gold posy ring from Warski
Our Hearts and Hands Are One till Death - enamelled gold Rebus ring from Warski
love never dies where vertu lies - gold posy ring with messages from Warski
A FRIENDE'S GIFTE - gold ring with message from Warski
Hearts United Lives Contented - gold Poesy ring from Warski
I love you - gold posy ring from Warski
In thy sight is my delight - gold Poesy ring from Warski

For more detail and prices please visit Wartski site.

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