Romantic Oak jewelry from Richmond Park collection

Walking through the woods of Richmond Park within London you can find an acorn. The day will come and acorn will grow into a huge mighty oak. Richmond Park collection of jewelry pieces embodies a sense of infinity and heredity. Each masterpiece is handcrafted with 18ct ethical gold, celebrating high quality British craftsmanship. Oak emphasizes grace and luxury of adorable jewelry that can be worn for generations. Flawless and romantic Richmond Park collection will fascinate everyone.

Richmond Park

The day we went to Richmond Park was the day we found the Treasured Tree. I knew I had fallen for you. I will always remember. If only trees could talk.

The Treasured Tree
The Treasured Tree
The Treasured Tree
I'll Always Remember - Delicate Ring
I'll Always Remember - Classic Ring
I'll Always Remember - Bangle
If Trees Could Talk
Fallen For You - Bangle

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