Rings With Nature Inside from Sylwia Calus

Simply and amazing are probably the best way to describe a collection of rings by a young Polish designer Sylwia Calus. In recent years protection of animals, forests or rivers and promote vegetarian culture become popular. Talented craftsmen from Poland have created a series of jewelry pieces with nature elements locked inside.

Silver Moss and green resin Ring

Transparent rings are made of synthetic resin. Instead of jewels designers use less expensive resources: herbs and flowers, moss, shells, pebbles. All that can be taken from nature, without harm to the environment. These rings are not made of precious metals and diamonds, but all of them are one-of-a-kind because of pieces of nature inside.

Pink Flowers and Fuchsia Resin Ring
Moss and green resin Ring
Forest Ring
Clear resin ring with silver moss
Clear resin ring with green and silver moss
Amber and Black Resin Ring

For more detail and prices please visit Sylwia Calus shop.

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