Premiere of the jewelry collection Flow by Verena Schreppel

Flow is a necklace collection made of glass and hemp rope. The glass shapes are designed in a circular, an oval and a bean shape. They are of clear, apricot or dark grey translucent color and are held by a hemp string. The necklace can be worn open and closed by twisting the string. The wearer can define the shape of the necklace by twisting it into the preferred final shape. In this regard the very pure and simple design offers a great variety of wearing the piece.

“Glass has been one of the most exciting materials to work with. Its translucent quality bears something magic, a medium that creates shape, but being able to see through it takes away its physicalness. So it has a body, but from a different angle, in a different light it dissolves. For me it is an ethereous, a spiritual material.” Verena Schreppel

Verena Schreppel has designed the collection in her Berlin-Neukölln based studio in cooperation with one of the most traditional glass manufacturing huts in Lauscha, Thuringia which has been in business for 155 years. The town of Lauscha looks back at a glass manufacturing tradition of 400 years. In all her jewelry collections, Verena has been concentrating on a very high standard of manufacturing. She is excited to play with the sources of crafts and high-tech qualities. She was eager to connect with the traditions of Lauscha and also has a very personal link to the region. Since this is the cradle, not only of the long traditions in glass, porcelain and toy manufacturing in Germany, but also the cradle of her family.

Apart from the world premiere of Flow, Verena is excited to present her jewelry collection: Ripprings, Zopf, Shot, Hercules Knot and Take and Give, for the first time to a North American audience as well as internationally in such a vibrant place as New York City.

VIA: Verena Schreppel.

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