Organic and Nature Inspired Handcrafted Jewelry from Michelle Chang Jewelry

Michelle Chang offers amazing jewelry pieces made of gold, sterling silver and diamonds. Michelle Chang was born in Korea and she moved to New York City when she was seven. Michelle Chang was at one time an aspiring fine artist, an interior designer, and an illustrator. Maybe that’s why her works are so attractive and interesting.

“To me, jewelry making is drawing, design, sculpture, and craft. All embodied in a tiny object that can be worn and which I hope will provide meaning and value to the wearer. I find inspiration in many things small and large, natural and man-made, living and inert. In short, pretty much anything and everything. Every piece of jewelry is made by hand and is therefore unique. My jewelry is made here in NYC, the city that I grew up in, the city that I had left for many years, and the city that I returned to, only to find that I’ve never truly left.” Michelle Chang.

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