One of a Kind Handmade Jewelry from DelicaTess

Tess is a 26 year old designer, originally from the Netherlands, and responsible for DelicaTess. Currently she and her husband are living in Kobe, Japan for 2 years. In DelicaTess you can find exclusive handmade one of a kind jewelry, made with items artisan finds everywhere and anywhere, inspired by their shapes, looks and textures. Here’s a little story by Tess:

I am an interior design student, and all I had to do to finish my degree is complete 2 internships. So I jumped at the chance to move to Japan. I thought it would be exciting to do my internships overseas. And of course it is, but an internship wasn’t in the cards for me. It turned out to be very difficult to find a company that wants interns, especially since my Japanese is not fluent, most Japanese speak poor English, and an internship for more than a few days is not normal here. When I started to realize that my plans weren’t going to be realized, I had to change my goals. All I knew is that I wanted to design. Anything. It’s what makes me happy, it’s what makes me me. I did some designs for friends, a few websites, interiors, all great fun. But I needed a long time project. And that’s when I saw a documentary about a woman, making beaded necklaces at home. I saw her work, and saw a great way to express myself! That’s when I started making jewelry. No classes, just did it. It started out as just for me, but I was getting compliments and people started asking if I would make them something. So I started DelicaTess, and I’m loving every minute of it.

I find my inspiration everywhere. I like to be inspired by things you would not normally use for jewelry, and experiment with them to make something new and different. Bookstores, the beach, old button shops, the supermarket, pictures.. Anything can be made into jewelry. Inspiration is in the material, the material decides what the jewelry is going to be. The texture, the shape, the weight, the color, the feel. I rarely design on paper, I just see something somewhere, combine it with the more traditional materials, and make it in to jewelry. I also like to travel a lot, and I bring home materials from everywhere to go. Right now I have some pieces from Italy, The Netherlands, Japan & South-Korea.

I like my pieces to be divers. I have a lot of fun items, like my geisha or old woman necklaces. I have a lot of simple items, like my bead necklaces. And I have some more artistic designs, like my wool and felt items. This is where I can use all my creativity. Every piece has a story, where I found the materials, and how they ended up how they did. Also, all my pieces are unique. I don’t like repeating myself, so I don’t. If you buy DelicaTess, you buy a one of a kind, handmade item.

VIA: DelicaTess.

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  1. Rough Magic Mollie says:

    As a huge fan of DelicaTess, whose jewelry I’ve admired since it first caught my eye, I’ve really enjoyed reading this post – and learning more about the talented creator of these lovely designs!

  2. phylly says:

    wonderful post – your story is intriguing, and love your jewelry!

  3. Erika says:

    Great article – love this designers work!

  4. Designedbyval says:

    It was nice learning more about you and your jewelry making journey. Congratulations on the blog! Well done.

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