One of a Kind Handcrafted Jewelry by Ruby Girl

Ruby Girl is the pretty, fun and eclectic collection of jewelry by the USA based designer and metalsmith Shannon Conrad. She presents beautiful and jolly items that fascinate or cause the smile on your face. They are inspired by the beauty of the surrounding world, by animals, plants, warm feelings or fantasies of the designer. Shannon tries to combine the city with the countryside, to mix industry and the organic world finding the balance between them.

Ruby Girl is the collection devoted to the protection of the environment. All jewels are made up of 100% recycled silver. Eco-friendly technologies and materials are used in the studio: citric acid pickle, bio-degradable flux and lead-free enamels etc. The jewels are romantic or serious, elegant or bold. The choice is rather big. Have a look.

Building Block Collection

Deconstructed Claddagh Necklace
Hand Cast in Sterling Silver
Hand cut sterling silver
Hand Cast Sterling Silver Rhododendron Bud
Hand Cast in Sterling Silver OOAK

VIA: Ruby Girl.

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