One of a Kind Druzy Pieces from Haley Lebeuf Jewelry

My fascination with jewelry started when I was a child. I was always tinkering with beads and other simple techniques. I became a jeweler in 2007, when I started taking formal jewelery classes. I have worked in the fine jewelry industry for several years, learning all aspects of the jewelry business. In 2011, I started my own line featuring one of a kind druzy pieces.

My style is a bit eclectic. I draw inspiration from many places, however my biggest source is fashion. I am drawn items that reflect light. You can see this in the many druzy stones I choose for my one of a kind pieces. Light plays a huge role in the stones and chains I select as well as how I create my jewelry. I aim to create pieces that are clean and timeless without losing their creative edge.

All of my jewelry is hand crafted in my studio in Austin, Texas. Austin is a wonderful city that encourages art and expression. I have participated in the growing Austin Fashion Week for the past two years. Very soon I plan to launch a retail line that will compliment my one of a kind pieces.

VIA: Haley Lebeuf Jewelry.

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