New Waveform Ring and Jewelry for Network Administrators by Sakurako Shimizu

Wedding Rings Created by Sound from Sakurako Shimizu became very popular. Now artist makes waveform ring with 3D printing and casting method instead of laser-cutting techniques. The benefit of this process is that a ring will be created as one piece, making it more durable for everyday wear as a wedding band.

New waveform ring by Sakurako Shimizu

Jewelry for Network Administrators is a collection created by Sakurako Shimizu in collaboration with the new media artist Marcin Ramocki. In this collection you can find bracelets, brooches, pins, necklaces and pendants made out of silver. Each of these masterpieces is based on online diagrams of computer network topologies. If you are interested in custom waveform jewelry or wearable pieces for geeks from Network Administrators collection then please visit Sakurako Shimizu blog.

Cloud Download and Upload Pins by Sakurako Shimizu

Fully Connected Mesh Topology, brooch by Sakurako Shimizu

Open Mesh Topology Necklace by Sakurako Shimizu

Ring Topology Bracelet by Sakurako Shimizu

Server and User Pin by Sakurako Shimizu

Server Farm Pendant by Sakurako Shimizu

Tree Topology Necklace by Sakurako Shimizu

Wow, Sneeze and Yawn Waveform brooches by Sakurako Shimizu

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