New Items from the Limited Edition Collection by Babette Wasserman

We have already presented to you jewelry from Babette Wasserman. All jewels are characterized by inventive design and a distinctive individual style. Limited Edition Items is an exquisite collection of special one-off designs. The designer tries to introduce her imagination due to fascinating use of materials and restless desire to surprise consumers.

Infinity Cuore Ring

The contemporary jewels have a unique touch which is felt throughout every detail. Limited Edition is the complex of stones, materials, colours and forms. Either necklaces or rings and cufflinks, daring geometric shapes and soft organic forms are everywhere. Bright and intricate play of gentle colours makes each piece of jewel a real work of art.

Glitter Bean Necklace
Infinity Cross Necklace
Infinity Cushion Necklace
Infinity Cushion Ring
Infinity Porcelain Earrings
Infinity Porcelain Necklace
Infinity Porcelain Ring
Nautica Cufflinks
Padlock Key Ring
Roller Disk Cufflinks
Silver Knot Cufflinks
Tombola Cufflinks

For more detail and prices please visit Babette Wasserman site.

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