New Collection of Astonishing Jewelry from Tagliamonte

Tagliamonte is proud to present a new collection bound in tradition, while revising the present through innovative shapes and materials. This year’s line by Tagliamonte focuses on bronze jewelry; it invites loyal customers and collectors to continue the aesthetic research characterized by Tagliamonte. The new concept facilitates historic research whilst keeping up with the times and new customers taste.

The choice of a new material such as bronze reconnects the public to an idea of jewelry with its foundation in a concept of primeval ornaments. The value of this material has ancient roots; appreciated for its resistance and strength, the first prestigious items such as swords, coins, medals, and jewels are found in the Greek-Roman era where bronze gained the status of a noble metal such as gold.

Every Tagliamonte piece mirrors an aesthetic research toward pure beauty; in this process the jewel s are not only ornaments but they become a form of art.

VIA: Tagliamonte.

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