Marina Aliverti Colucci and Mita Crosetti

Marina Aliverti Colucci, painter and fashion designer, and Mita Crosetti, journalist of art and custom, have teamed up 2 years ago to create a line of jewellery called MitaMarinaMilano. They concept this new line of geometric jewellery exquisite small sculptures in pink gold, silver, ebanon and palladium.

The idea for this collaboration came to these long standing friends, visiting galleries and art show, which led them to achieve a common desire: to wear jewellery with a strong artistic “content”, but still affordable, like small prêt-a-porter sculptures.

Their intention is specific: to create jewellery which attains the status of art, while being playful at the same time. An over size piece can be worn alone, or two pieces of contrasting shape and colour can be worn in combination, to adorn a glamorous outfit.

They present these prismatic jewels at a Milanese cote’, which mixed social stage and the world of ideas and creativity, in a sun-filled showroom above Via Montenapoleone. On the walls Marina’s canvasses, a mosaic of black and white photographs of nudes and sculptures over which is scribbled “On fait des folies a tout ages”.

Suede trays are full of minimalist pieces – all about form and volumes – “an expression of creative order in our chaotic times”. The look is strong and architectural so no wonder Zaha Hadid is a fan. The idea was to make jewels that you could wear on the metro or on the bus. In Mita’s words, the philosopher of the duo, “what’s useful must be truly and entirely useful, whatever is not useful must be of extraordinary beauty”

VIA: MitaMarinaMilano.

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