Luxury Handmade Jewelry by Pippa Small

Very beautiful and rare the jewels from Pippa Small will open the door of other countries and traditions in front of you. Pippa grew up in this wonderful world of gems, shells and minerals. Being a child she was surrounded by the beads, bottle tops, seeds and sea-washed glass.

Mixed Rough Bracelet

Pippa Small collection mixes two of the designer’s hobbies: anthropology and jewelry creating. Pippa uses bright and unexpected ideas, got from the wide experience of the traveler, while creating these items. They are bold and intricate, charming and catching attention. I think this can become the fresh detail of the image.

Amethyst Diamond Double Drop Earrings

Gold and Crystal Ridged Perfume Bottle Necklace

Kyanite Large Greek Ring

Multi Faceted Foil Backed Diamond Ring

Peridot Single Drop Earrings

Rainbow Moonstone Three Flower Necklace

Rough Labradorite Collette Cufflinks

VIA: Pippa Small.

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