Looking Jewelry in Steampunk style by Blue Bayer

Steampunk has become very trendy in many areas of design. Jewelers have not missed this fact. Most of the jewelry made in steampunk style looks similar. They are full of gears and wires and sometimes contain clockwork elements.

Cat Eye Locket Eye of Protection Necklace

What separates Blue Bayer from other designers is that he has his own unique style. Some people call his works risky jewelry. This article focuses on jewelry pieces with eyes. Someone consider it scary. But this is really unique masterpieces. You should not be afraid of those eyes. These jewelry pieces are the amulets for protection.

Evil Eye tentacle ring human eye sterling silver
Evil Eye tentacle ring orange poppy dragon eye sterling silver
Human Evil-Eye Ring in Blue, Solid Sterling Silver
Evil Eye tentacle ring bocat eye sterling silver
Evil Eye tentacle ring green dragon eye sterling silver
Bob Cat Eye Ring in Sterling Silver

For more detail and prices please visit Blue Bayer shop.

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