Lens Bracelet – Stylish Accessory from Adam Elmakias

Lens Bracelet is trendy bracelet for photography lovers. Adam Elmakias takes photography of music since 2006. In early 2010, Adam created the first set of Lens Bracelet to promote himself. He handed out bracelets to friends and fans during tours throughout the US and Canada. Now many companies are trying to replicate this idea but the original creator is Adam Elmakias.

Lens Bracelet Bundle C

Lens Bracelet is one size fits all. All of them are made of white or black silicone. The collection features a variety of lens’s focusing ring so you can choose one that represents you. I am sure that many people will enjoy this gadget.

14-24mm N
24-70mm C
24-70mm N
35mm C
50mm AF C
70-200mm C
PRO 70-200
Pro Lenns Bracelet

VIA: Adam Elmakias.

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