Lego Style Jewelry: A Constructive Suggestion for Adult Fans

LEGO Company was founded in 1932 and still remains the leader in the production of toys. A large number of people have been inspired by bricks of world famous line of construction toys. Jewelry designer JacQueline Sanchez has succeeded to combine incompatible.

High Profile Square Photo-etched Ring

Forever Young Collection consists of jewelry made of Lego bricks, silver, gold and diamonds. Belts, hairclips, pendants, pins, rings, bracelets, cufflinks and earrings – they are all made in the style of Lego. A full range of colors and sizes, combined with precious metals will be a highlight of your appearance. By the way Jacqueline has Achievement Award.

classic hair clip with diamond
Dangle Earrings
Dot Earrings
Forever Young Dot Cuff Links
Forever Young Dot ring
High Profile Rectangle Ring
High Profile Square Ring
Hinge Bracelet
Large Low Profile Negative Space Oval Ring
Large Low Profile Oval Ring
Large Low Profile Square Ring
Large Negative Space Oval Pendant
Large Oval Negative Space Link Bracelet
Large Oval Pendant
Large Oval Pin
Large Square Pendant
Large Square Pin
Lego Cuff
Low Profile Square Photo Etched Ring
Low Profile Square Ring
Oval Cuff Links
Post Earrings
Small Low Profile Negative Space Square Ring
Small Negative Space Square Pendant
Small Oval Link Bracelet
Small Square Pendant
Small Square Pin
Square Cuff Links
Square Negative Space Cuff Links
sterling silver belt

For more detail and prices please visit JacQueline Sanchez site.

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