Killer Handmade Jewelry and Accessories by Tarina Tarantino

Find yourself in the wonderful world of the girlish fantasies with the handmade jewelry from Tarina Tarantino, the USA based fashion designer. Pink is the main color in Tarina’s palette, so it immediately disposes to a romantic mood. The majority of the items are very tender and some of them can make you smile.

Accessories by Tarina Tarantino are full of all those little trifles so loved by all young ladies. With such accessories you will complete a sparkling and stylish image of your own. Tarina tries to express all the colors and creativity of her life in her jewels. I think these are the kind of adornments which bring happiness to the wearer. Share the sparkling world with the designer.

VIA: Tarina Tarantino.

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  1. CaT says:

    Really want to buy your sugar skull earrings can you please contact me. I love your work !!
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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