Katelin Gibbs Jewelry

We want to present to your attention a very unusual line of the jewelry created by the young New York based designer Katelin Gibbs. She recently completed her first adornments. These jewels are inspired by the childish memories and experience of the girl connected with her mother’s necklace.

Compass Gyroscope necklace in 18K gold

The items seem to be so fragile and mysterious making the one feel the presence of the space. Katelin uses 18K gold combining it with aquamarines, moonstones and other precious stones. I am fond of her jewels, are you?

18K Gold with Rotating Aquamarine
Branch bracelet in 18K gold
Hemispere earrings in sterling silver
Lips ring in sterling silver
Stack Rings 18K gold

VIA: Katelin Gibbs.

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